Ricoh presented the CX1


The Ricoh company announced one more advanced small-sized chamber. In base of the device the CMOS sensor which provides the highest speed of serial photographing and lack of strips from the brightest light sources in videoclips lies.

Ricoh presented the CX1

From innovations it should be noted a multiexposition (possibility of creation by the device of HDR images), a breketing of focusing and stiffened balance snow-white on 864 zones. Engineers of the company finished methods of interpolation and added possibility of high-speed shooting in permission 640 x 480 120 fps.

Technical Ricoh CX1 properties:

• 1/2,3" CMOS sensor, 9,1 Megapixels;
• 7,1x an optical zoom lens of 28 — 200 mm (in a 35-millimetric equivalent), F/3,3 — 5,2;
• 3,0" TFT LCD, 920 000 pixels;
• video filming in permission 640 x 480 30fps;
• stabilization at the expense of matrix shift;
• dimensions: 101,5 x 58,3 x 27,9 mm, weight: 180 g.

In sale the model will arrive on March 13. Its approximate price — $600.

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