Samsung will develop analog of Micro Four Thirds with a new bayonet joint, replaceable optics and APS – a C-sensor

Samsung is going to develop the not mirror system with replaceable optics. The South Korean giant promises to end development and to present the hybrid chamber in 2010. In base 14 Megapixels the CMOS sensor of the development Samsung and a new bayonet joint will lie. Commercial as, vobshchy, and the code title of a platform while is unclear.

Samsung will develop analog of Micro Four Thirds with a new bayonet joint, replaceable optics and APS - a C-sensor

Buong Wu Li, the executive vice-president explains Samsung of Techwin: «Many people do not carry with themselves SLR cameras, because they very languid and massive. Brand new development will be superficial and will support replaceable optics of production Samsung».

As well as announced three weeks back the Panasonic and Olympus companies Micro Four Thirds system, a child Samsung has no in a mirror design — vising is carried out by means of the electric view-finder and the LCD display. Lenses will be less, than standard lenses for a zerkalok GX Samsung.

Whether adds: «Our company has a provided experience of development and production of lenses as for small-sized chambers, and replaceable lenses of GX. Samsung lets out cases of SLR cameras from the middle 70-x. In this business we have no unfamiliar branches».

The company promises that without considering availability to the ordinary buyer will focus attention on professional quality of the image.

«To compete with Canon and Nikon as it is heavy, as well as it is curious, but we still while take only the 1st steps to the concept of own DSLR. Our development will open the latest niche in the photoequipment market in what we and will dominate. Key difference from Micro Four Thirds system — essentially bigger size of a sensor» — Whether noted.

The hybrid system will move ahead irrespective of GX SLR cameras, on sale she should be expected not earlier than spring of 2010.

Additional details and even the model of the chamber and lenses by all means it is necessary to expect on Photokina, practically in 3 weeks.

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