Sets of Zacuto help to shoot film by means of DSLR

Digital SLR cameras slightly entered on the video filming district as their potential in this area instantly was estimated by enthusiasts and the producers supplying these enthusiasts with the equipment which helps to realize creative plans.

The Zacuto company let out the sets created for use together with Nikon D90 and Canon 5D Mark II chambers.

Sets of Zacuto help to shoot film by means of DSLR

Novelties received the names Docu, Cine, Newsman, Indie and Filmmaker. They are universal and both chambers and appropriate devices support. Actually put, sets of Zacuto do chambers more similar in use on chambers. They help to do smoother moving of chambers, simplify connection of the additional equipment. The fastenings of Z-Release applied in sets, allow to establish and remove promptly components — the sharnirno-jointed sleeve, boxing for the combined shooting, a wireless microphone, the monitor, etc. According to Zacuto, all is included in sets necessary for shooting.

Source: Zacuto

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