Sigma bought Foveon

Sigma bought Foveon
The Sigma company, the recognizable producer of lenses for all systems of SLR cameras, declared purchase of the manufacturing company of high-quality detectors for Foveon cameras.

Namely, the company made the three-layer detector Foveon X3 in what the color separation on pigeons, reddish and greenish channels goes not on a surface, and deep into the detector and remembers a three-layer sandwich. Unlike Bayer’s mosaic detectors, in the detectors Foveon it is not necessary to put washing-away low-frequency filter to avoid some moire. Such makary, the final image leaves sharper.

Sigma and Foveon cooperation, to measures of digital technologies, old — since 2000. During collaboration the company managed to let out three SLR cameras and small-sized Sigma DP1. Taking in attention plans for the forthcoming release of photoequipment, purchase of Foveon looks a reasonable step.

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