Silicon Power let out 32-GB SDHC Class 6

memory card

The range of the Silicon Power company was filled by SDHC Class card in the 6th volume of 32 GB.

Silicon Power let out 32-GB SDHC Class 6

Large volume and the highest speed do a novelty by a quite good choice for introduction in digital photo and chambers. According to the producer, 32 GB are enough for record of several hours of video of the highest clearness or several тыщ pictures of the highest permission. The guaranteed speed of data exchange between the card and the device using it is equal 6 Mbps.

The card has a mechanical key of protection against record, supports technology of detection and correction of mistakes (ECC).

The novelty filled a line of high-speed Silicon Power SDHC Class 6 carriers which now includes four models of various volume: 4, 8, 16 and 32 GB. The product absolutely corresponds to SD Card Association 2.0 specification requirements. The sizes of a card are equal 24 X-th 32 X-th 2,1 mm, weight — 2 g.

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