Skyla Memoir — Lite-On photoframe with function of scanning

Lite-On IT, the producer computer a component more recognized in the world on the optical drives, presented a product of other plan — Memoir is a digital photoframe which is let out under a new brand of Skyla and possesses the overestimated functionality, atypical for this sort of devices.

Skyla Memoir — Lite-On photoframe with function of scanning

Skyla Memoir can turn a photo into their electric analog a scanning method, under a condition, it is natural that their physical size does not surpass 10х15 see.

Internal memory of a photoframe — 1 GB, a screen diagonal permission of 800 dpi — 8". It is enough of it to store and show to 200 photos of the designated standard size in an electric look, smaller scanned pictures (9х12 cm) will go in in memory of Skyla Memoir more — 400 pieces.

At existence the descent of 2 ports USB can connect to Skyla Memoir not only only the flash drive and the personal computer where it is possible to keep the scanned pictures or from which it is possible to load into memory of a photoframe the newest portion of a content for autorotation on the display. To receive new photos it is possible from a kardrider "understanding" standards of SD/MMC/MS Pro/xD and CF.

Cost of a photoframe of Skyla Memoir with the scanner — 220 dollars.

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