Small-sized photoprinters of Canon Selphy ES3 and ES30

The range of the Canon company replenished with 2 portable printers, allowing to receive a paper copy of a picture in field criteria (practically in field, the socket nevertheless is useful). Printers belong to the Selphy series and received the names Selphy ES3 (the top picture) and Selphy ES30 (the bottom picture).

Small-sized photoprinters of Canon Selphy ES3 and ES30

Selphy ES3

At 2 models much in common. Namely, they support memory cards of 15 formats and PictBridge-connection. The printing knot of printers is calculated on the built-in cartridge in which all expendables are included. The sizes of paper — about 10×15. The press without fields is provided. On a conclusion of the 1st picture it is necessary it is sensitive less than a minute. Permission makes 300 x 300 points on inch.

Small-sized photoprinters of Canon Selphy ES3 and ES30

Selphy ES30

Printers are equipped with the liquid crystal screens, helping to make pictures ready for the press. The ES3 model has the 3,5-inch screen, ES30 — 3-inch. 1 GB of memory so the printer can play a role of figurative storage of pictures comes into a configuration of ES3. Both printers are equipped with a collection of graphic parts and templates for design of pictures, but in ES3 library is richer. Despite of compactness, printers have no аккумов and are calculated on a food from a network.

Retail cost of Selphy ES3 (in the USA) is defined in $200 whereas more available ES30 model will cost to the buyer $150.

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