Specialists Samsung made the image sensor for web chambers of the highest clearness

The company Samsung of Electronics expanded own catalog of sensors of the image of the CMOS type with the latest model created for use in laptops and web chambers for desktop personal computers.

The sensor of single-crystal system S5K4AW has a format of 1/4 inches at permission of 1,2 Megapixels (1280×960 pixels). The size of the 1st pixel makes 2,8 microns. Developers made an emphasis a basis on possibility of obtaining video of the highest clearness in real time. On the basis of the new sensor, on company view, it will be possible to use decisions for videoconferences, a joint exchange of video on the Web network, in biometric and security appendices.

The producer notes possibility of operation of the sensor in VGA permission without framing with application of group of pixels according to the scheme 2х2. The highest photosensitivity is called other advantage of a novelty.

Support of video of the highest clearness with permission 720p is declared at personnel frequency of 30 shots in a second. The signal in permission of VGA can be updated on a sensor exit to 60 times in a second.

Fact-finding standards of S5K4AW are already available. Serial release of a product should begin in the first half of 2009.

Source: Electronics Samsung

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