The management «Kiev PHOTOFAIR and portal of photoclubs of Ukraine» signed the agreement on strategic cooperation.

Within the agreement the Portal of photoclubs of Ukraine becomes the Internet partner of an exhibition and assumes obligations on all-round light and information support of activity «Kiev ФОТОЯРМАРКИ 2009».

Not including that, with a view of the forthcoming development and formation electric ахива photoworks of «A festival of the Ukrainian photoclubs», passing in an exhibition framework, it is meant to make on base «Portal of photoclubs of Ukraine» a functional for placement of photo collections and инфы about them which have accepted (and accepting) a role in a festival.

Not to miss a creative component of cooperation, the decision on carrying out competition exhibition under the working title «One month — one masterpiece» is made. The photoworks placed on «A portal of photoclubs of Ukraine» will be selected by "photoremoving" audience of the website in a current of year, on one work in a month, with the forthcoming exhibiting of the best prints on an opening day «Kiev ФОТОЯРМРАКИ».

«Portal of photoclubs of Ukraine»

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