The market of digital photoequipment ignores crisis

The market of digital photoequipment ignores crisis
While on a planetka crisis marches, analysts meet in one: the market of digital cameras if not to consider reduction at Sony and Canon plants, practically did not suffer, and even opposite — shows significant growth.

So, according to the authoritative organization CIPA (Japan’s Camera & Imaging Products Association), from January till October the market grew by 36,6 % on comparison to the similar period of last year.

Shipments of cameras to Europe increased for 32,6 % by quantity of sold units and for 24,3 % on revenue. In the countries of Asia these characteristics and absolutely make about 50 %.

And if in the market of compacts braking of sales nevertheless is a little perceptible, in the market of digital SLR cameras measured growth is fixed. The global market of digital photoequipment during existence of a portal of grew in 7 times.

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