The Olympus company presented the digital E-620 SLR camera

The Olympus company declared release of the digital SLR camera (digital single lens reflex, DSLR) E-620.

In the press release devoted to an exit of a novelty, the main accent is made on the creative party of a photo. On view of developers, E-620 will allow to awaken art bents removing, having provided it the tools necessary for self-expression and creativity. Affirms that the chamber will return to the photographer «freedom of tests and magic feeling of inspiration with the art» — the feelings familiar to children, but lost by many people in process of a growing.

As implementer of this generous idea the graphic filters integrated into the chamber serve. According to the company, they relieve of need to process pictures on the computer to execute a certain stylization, to gain that or other graphic effect. Pop Art filters (expressive, colors, characteristic to style pop art of the 60th years are live) are available; Soft Focus (appropriates to objects a distinguished, mysterious, mysterious look by means of special effect of lighting, without endowing specification); Pale & Light Color (the face-to-face plan of a picture высветляется, and colors are softened, as in retrospective frames of the film); Light Tone (the shaded and light sites of a picture are processed such makary to make effect of "air"); Grainy Film (the effect causing associations with black-and-white shots of a newsreel); Pin Hole (reduces brightness at shot edges, allocating the central part of composition). By the way, the same filters are available to users of the Olympus E-30 chamber which has been let out in November of last year.

The Olympus company presented the digital E-620 SLR camera

To other features of the chamber the three-regime stabilizer of the image, the image sensor permission of 12,3 Megapixels, equipped with cleaning system from a dust, the microprocessor of images of Olympus TruePic III +, the rotary screen in the size 2,7 inches on искосок treats with the Live View function. The chamber offers two modes of automatic focusing: Fast Imager Autofocus applied in the Live View mode, and Phase Detection AF applied at a vizirovniya on the optical view-finder (seven points of focusing). The sizes of the device are approximately equal 130 x 94 x 60 mm, weight – 475 g.

Realization of Olympus E-620 should begin in May. The device will separately cost $700, and complete with ED 14-42mm f3.5/5.6 Zuiko Digital lens — $800.

Source: Olympus

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