The prices for SLR cameras go down.

The prices for SLR cameras go down.
According to the weekly analysis of the prices which is carried out by the Futuresource Consulting company, the average price of the SLR camera decreased for the last two and a half months for 1,6 % (about 20 euros) and makes at present 1250 euros.

«Our system of tracking the prices specifies that the largest fall of the average price is necessary on 6 — 7-megapixel sector of SLR cameras» — Adam Cox from Futuresource Consulting declared. For the last 10 weeks in this group recession practically for 8 % (it is sensitive less than 50 euros) was noted.

In sector to 10 Megapixels 7 %-e falling of the prices are fixed. Analysts connect it with the highest competitiveness of models like Nikon D40.

The main number of SLR cameras is the share of sector 10 + to Megapixel. Their average cost goes down is rather sluggish: less than 3 % for the last 10 weeks. The matter is that in this sector are either rather new models, or the professional equipment, which prime cost it is high.

Futuresource Consulting foretells 19 — 25 %-y growth of sales of SLR cameras in 2008. The total world market of professional cameras is estimated at 5,4 billions. euro.

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