The Sigma DP2 chamber learns to think and create

The Japanese producer of photoequipment announced the Sigma DP2 chamber release which permission is equal 14 Megapixels. According to the company, the novelty connects воединыжды «characteristics of DSLR and the case of the small-sized chamber».

Specialists of Sigma used in the Sigma DP2 chamber the three-layer sensor of the image of FOVEON X3 (2652 x 1768 x 3), that, as in the digital Sigma SD14 SLR camera. As it is clear, at the end of last year the Sigma company caught the developer of this sensor.

The predecessor of Sigma DP2, the Sigma DP1 model, appeared in the market in March of last year. According to the company, for last period the product won the deserved glory at a wide range of fans of a photo and professional photographers.

The Sigma DP2 chamber learns to think and create

The chamber has not replaceable lens which focal length is equal 24,2 mm, and the greatest value of a relative opening — f/2,8. In terms of a 35-millimetric shot the equivalent focal length leaves in equal 41 mm. As it is clear, the respective point of view is close to a point of view of a human eye that promotes receiving pictures with natural prospect. Together with the corresponding transfer of flowers and small details of the image, provided by the FOVEON X3 sensor, it allows to receive expressive photos of the highest property. According to Sigma, conformable to view of the most experienced photographers, lens introduction with the fixed focal length makes skill of thoughtful, purposeful photographing which promotes more complete disclosure of creative plans.

Source: Sigma

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