Sigma caught the developer of sensors of the image of Foveon

Not to this week there was an event which probably there will be powerful for branch digital a photo. The Sigma company caught 100 % of actions of the developer of the unusual three-layer sensor of the image. There is a speech about the Foveon company. Terms of transaction foresee continuation of development in the field of image sensors.

The name Foveon became clear after the company made and patented the three-layer sensor of the image 1st in the world. In this sensor each sensitive element represents peculiar "pile" from RGB pixels that allows to receive value of the 3rd main flowers in each point, and to form sharp pictures with the smallest level of relics, than at other sensors.

The 1st experience of cooperation of boundaries of Sigma and Foveon is dated 2000. If to believe to the official press release, both companies remained are happy with its fruits. Development of digital SLR cameras and small-sized chambers with the sensor of the image of X3 was the purpose of cooperation. The Sigma company used and uses the Foveon technology in all line of digital cameras — as new examples it is possible to give the mirror device SD14 and the small-sized DP1 chamber. Two more Sigma chambers with Foveon sensors are planned to release for 2009.

Allegedly, acquisition not only only will promote «to development of new types of sensors of the image for high-quality digital cameras and will create synergetic effect». Certainly, the effect should appear from association in one hands of development and productions of all main a system component — from the sensor of images to the chamber and lenses.

Source: Foveon

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