There was a leakage of data about 10-Mp small-sized ultrazoom of Fuji S2000 HD

The website FujiFilm Canada became a leak place инфы about the chambers prepared for release by the company. Though pages with the description yet not presented goods were rather operatively cleaned, sources managed to fix the main features of novelties.

Perhaps, the most nice among them is the small-sized Fuji S2000 HD chamber on 10-Mp the detector of a format of 1/2,3 inches which lens covers a range of focal lengths of 28-414 mm (at 35-mm экв.), that corresponds to 15-fold "zoom". The chamber is armed with the image stabilizer.

There was a leakage of data about 10-Mp small-sized ultrazoom of Fuji S2000 HD

Fuji S2000 HD

Value of a diaphragm changes in f/3,5-7,0 borders at the wide-angle provision of a lens and in f/5,4-7,0 borders — on «the long end». The Fuji S2000 HD chamber has the 2,7-inch screen, can remove videoclips of the highest clearness. Designers paid attention of speed of serial shooting. In full permission they it is low — only 1,1 shots in a second, but at reduction of the size of a shot promptly grows. To reduce permission to 5 Megapixels as there is a possibility to do 6,8 shots in a second enough, and at permission of 3 Megapixels in a second the chamber manages to remove 13,5 shots. A food of the device is provided by four elements of a standard size of AA.

In the description of Fuji S2000 HD shooting modes with value of a diaphragm and endurance, and absolutely manual mode were mentioned. Manual focusing is provided, but shooting in the RAW format, seemingly, is not present.

The expected cost of a product is equal $300.

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