Screens of a photoframework of JOBO PDJ801 and PDJ800 have the size of 8,4 inches

The JOBO AG company presented two digital photoframes — PDJ801 and PDJ800. Products have much in common, since the size of the screen — 8,4 inches (21,3 cm) on искосок.

Permission of screens makes 800 x 600 pixels. The declared value of contrast equally 500:1. Brightness of a luminescence it is not specified, but the producer notes possibility of its adjustment by the user. Devices are equipped with the USB interface for connection to the personal computer. Support of memory cards of the format CF, SD, by MMC, MS, MS Pro and xD is realized.

Screens of a photoframework of JOBO PDJ801 and PDJ800 have the size of 8,4 inches on искосок

The JOBO PDJ801 model has 1 GB of the integrated memory that, by estimates of the producer, it is enough for storage of 8000 pictures. Existence belongs to other features of JOBO PDJ801 аккума in capacity 1500 мАч, ensuring functioning in an independent mode. The JOBO PDJ800 model is armed 128 MB of memory. Both models have the monotonous size — 260 x 210 x 34,6 mm and weight — 800 g They are equipped with adapters for a food from a network, demountable metal supports and USB cables. The design of a framework is executed from acrylic plastic and has iron furnish.

Framework provides a choice of pictures, viewing of miniatures and a slideshow with various effects at change of pictures. Not including that, basic functions of management by files — copying and removal, also certain abilities of editing, such, as turn of a picture or application of effects, for example, transformation of a color picture in black-and-white are realized. In the middle of service functions it is necessary to emphasize a calendar, hours and an alarm clock.

The cost recommended by the producer makes 179 euros (PDJ801) and 159 euros (PDJ800).

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