W1020 and W820: Kodak equips a digital framework with the wireless interface

A few days ago the Eastman Kodak company let out some goods having a multimedia orientation: the list of novelties included the chamber, the chamber, a player and a photoframework. One of features of a photoframework of W1020 and W820 having screens in the size 10 and 8 of inches on искосок respectively, the ratio of the parties of a shot 16:9 which the producer, without being confused is, calls «a format of the highest clearness». Permission of a framework makes 800 x 480 pixels.

More perceptible advantage of products is existence of the Wi-fi interface providing wireless connection to the Global network. Thanks to it, users of a framework of W1020 and W820 can exchange pictures, get access to a news and another инфы.

W1020 and W820: Kodak equips a digital framework with the wireless interface

In devices development Quick Touch Border for the first time applied in the P720, M820 and M1020 models, let out in April of the current year found application. Let’s remind, under this designation the touch management integrated into a frame hides. With its help the user can do basic operations of viewing and navigation, without leaving prints on the screen as it takes place in case of touch screens.

Framework is equipped 512 MB of internal memory that, by estimates of Kodak it is enough for storage of 4000 pictures. To copy a photo in memory it is possible by means of the built-in device for work with the memory cards, supporting more vserasprostranenny formats. Not including that, predvideno connection of the personal computer, the USB store or the digital camera.

The price of a framework which should seem on sale in August, is equal $250 and $280 (term and cost are specified for the market of the USA).

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